Message Automation Features

Filter incoming emails

You can set up rules to automatically filter incoming email messages or recognize email messages that you want to process.

Incoming webhooks

Receive real time notifications and alerts from other systems whenever an automated event occurs.

Export your data

Export your data in Excel, JSON, XML, CSV format and integrate with other applications - CRM, web services.

App integration

Ditch your patchwork business workflow and start integrating your support, sales, service, and marketing applications.

Extract tags

The ability to extract fields from inbound messages and insert them in outbound actions enables Inbox Parser to perform certain processing actions automatically.

Outgoing webhooks

Send a webhook API call to a third-party server with a list of key variables and all transaction details.

Push notifications

Send a push notification from our server to any custom page or script you like. WebHooks make it easier to integrate two systems using POST requests.

Completely Automated

Have peace of mind knowing that we are taking care of integrating your email mmessages and webhook messges behind the scenes.


Benefits of Inbox Parser


We will handle the workload, which would otherwise require your manual work. This can be as simple as having one content update propagate to multiple sections of a site or multiple websites all at once.


More easily integrate your sites or other applications. This leads to a smooth and integrated user experience, and connect relevant and up-to-date information the user requires.


Your website, businesses and non-profits benefit from the ability to personalize sessions with the information and services that are most useful to you.

Integrating more easily and quickly

Modern API technologies make it much easier for web site owners to tap into, consume and integrate with third party services compared to more outdated approaches.

Save time

You don't need to collect information from the report and messages your receive and copy/paste them to another application. We enable not just your team to update workflows so that they can be done with fewer steps and greater productivity.


What Inbox Parser will do for you

Auto responder for customer service

Provide 24x7 customer support.

Invoice / order processing, payment processing

PayPal, eBay, Stripe, Moneris.

Web site form mail processing

Extract meaning data from your email messages.

Confirmation notice

Send email with delivery tracking information.

API integration

Integrate with accounting systems, online carrier, software vendor web enabled application.

Webhook events

Extract real-time data from JSON, XML, Query string parameter and http POST request events.

Database update

Convert message content into database records.

Download data

Save the data extracted from the message to a file.

Connect your existing systems

Integrate with third-party services, web services and other external REST API.