One of the nice new features that was added to Inbox Parser with the latest update in August is the ability to not only send email in html format but also in plain text format.

Despite nearly universal HTML support by email clients, plain text email still has it’s place. Plain text is still relevant because it has a higher delivery rate and many people find plain text easier to read for content, such as a frequent notifications, status updates, and formbased messages. Plain text is also a safer option for mobile email clients, as some still don’t display HTML properly.

With the addition of a plain text option, you now have increased odds that your message will reach inboxes and be presented in a format people can read, no matter their device.

The Inbox Parser web service is of course primarily focused on inbound email processing – helping you parse email data, structure it, and integrate it with the apps you use every day.

You can use these new email-processing methods into any Inbox Parser email-processing or webhook-processing action.