How to populate spreadsheet with backup notification emails

Case Study: Parse notification email messages

Our data backup applications send notification e-mail messages to alert us of the status of our client’s backup jobs. See how Inbox Parser can help to parse and summarize these message to those that need further attention.

Client Challenges to automate email message parser

Nightly, our client we receive a number of backup notification emails from our customers. The alert messages provide the following data – start time, end time, status, duration, job server name, job name, and backup status. Each message advise whether the backup job is completed successfully or failed.

Currently, they manually monitor these message, by reading the email messages and noting the status on a daily spreadsheet. They also send out an email that basically state that these customers have errors that need further attention and they ignore the “backup complete” or “backup successful” jobs. Our client is in need of an automated email message parser software.

Our client automate the process by forwarding the e-mails to Inbox Parser. The client created several unique Inbox Parser mailbox address, a separate mailbox for each different message template. The messages are then forwarded to the appropriate mailbox so that the data fields can be correctly located and parsed. The extracted data is then added to a spreadsheet and downloaded as a generated .csv file or compatible .xlsx or .xls file.

They also created a couple of action conditions to categorize the spreadsheet by service level. The service level is included as part of the job name.

Our solution provided an easy way of checking the integrity of remote backups for the client’s entire customer base. In particular, it allows them to filter and summarize their notification messages to those that need further analysis while providing a high level of workflow automation and application integration.

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