If you have ever tried to copy important data and information from incoming email messages, and manually paste those to a CSV file you must understand how much time consuming the entire process of parsing a text file is. Include in this a hundred or even a dozen emails that have to be processed no matter what and you will get a recipe of disaster that ensures all of your working time is spent parsing a text file or parsing email.

Well, luckily for you a number of third party apps are available to you, which not only parse emails automatically into CSV format but also offer other effective integration systems which make web service integration a lot more easier.

How to Parse Email, New or Old into CSV Format Using Web Service Integration by Inbox Parser

Parsing a text file effectively into CSV format is very easy, when it’s being done on an Inbox Parser Email Processor. It’s fairly easy to parse emails when it comes to our highly simple and easy to follow integration systems. All you will have to do is to install the parse email feature into your computer, then add in a number of email accounts. It’s from here that the web service integration program will retrieve the emails.

Parsing a Text File and Forwarding into a CSV Format Is Easy

After that is done, you can define and recognize a set of parse email rules that will act as a filter against incoming messages and help to extract the exact data and information you are searching for within incoming parsed emails. This is a very powerful web service integration tool that is specifically designed to parse emails and extract the important data from the text of the parsed email body, HTML parts, and parsed email message header. Even changing the extracted data before turning and saving it into a CSV file can be easily achieved with the help of a post-processing script.

The reason why many people who are running online businesses rely on the web service integration methods and other integration systems offered by third party apps such a Inbox Parser is because the email processor we use is highly flexible when it comes to parsing a text file and then extracting the relevant data and information from incoming parsed emails to be later converted to CSV and other formats for ease and convenience.

You can try our web service integration tools for free today! All you have to do is signup through the application which can be easily found at and avail all the benefits that we have to offer! Inbox Parser is the first third party app offering web service integration solutions that give the power to you. The many features that you can avail from Inbox Parser, when it comes to easy to use and effective integration systems are:

Incoming Webhooks: With the help of this feature you can receive notifications and alerts in real time, from other systems whenever any kind of automated event happens. Similarly, you can send a webhook API to the server of third party apps equipped with a parse email list of key variables and all details of transaction.

Export Your Data, Saved In a Parse Email List: With the help of Inboxparser’s integration systems, you can easily export all your information and data in Excel, JSON, CSV, and XML format and pair this web service integration system with others.

Signup today and get a free trial to see how this web service integration solution works for you!