When it comes to running a successful online business, there’s already a lot on your plate. Add the hassle of manually processing all the replies and hits that you get on your website from clients, and saving that important information; into the mix, and you can see that it takes a lot of time off your hands. If only there was a way to easily parse emails to database; one which doesn’t interfere with overall business integration?

Well, Inboxparser has listened to the pleas of the people struggling to effectively perform the information integration manually, and has announced the arrival of its web service app that offers the best and most effective parsing methods when it comes to parsing text for successful business integration.

Inboxparser offers a number of features and parsing methods to make it even easier to parse emails to database, such as:

Filter Incoming Parsed Emails: With the help of this feature, you can easily set up rules that automatically filter all the incoming email messages, or even recognize and set aside important email messages that you wish to process manually.

Extract Tags: Inboxparser is a web service app that gives you the ability to easily extract and parse text from incoming messages and then attach the tags to outbound actions. This enables Inboxparser to quickly and efficiently conduct information integration automatically.

Parse Emails to Database: You can very easily export your entire data and emails in Excel, CSV, JSON, and XML format and also pair up this information integration with other 3rd party systems as well.

Do you want to know the one surefire way to complete and automated business integration? Inboxparser has a number of parsing methods with which parsing text for effective information integration is made super easy.

Now you can fully automate your business and parse emails to database by following 3 easy steps:

1. Send Your Emails to Inboxparser

Inboxparser will generate a highly unique parsed email address list for you, so that the server can easily and efficiently intercept the parsing text notifications, The very first thing to be done within the setup process is to log in with the web service app that is providing you with the ability to parse emails to database and replace the current email address that is being notified, by the email address provided to you from Inboxparser.

2. Parsing Text Field Setup

Here, you will have to specify the information that you want the web service app to pull out of your emails. The screen will show you a copy of the email received. For example: If you want the first name captured, you will highlight it in the email that will make a parsing text field.

3. Actions

Lastly, an action will be counted every time that Inbox Parser takes the incoming parsing text and data, and performs actions upon it. The text may either be sent in an email, a web-hook, or a data row, etc.

Want to make your life a lot easier with regard to business integration? Consider applying for the web service app offered by Inbox Parser.